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Optimization and Scale-up
Optimization and Scale-up

Optimization and Scale-up

Optimization is an exciting activity that can lead to real durable advantages.

The key start point for optimization is having clearly defined targets which are aligned with exactly what we are optimizing for. In our experience this is best framed within a client focused fit-for-purpose philosophy, such that what is delivered is as required, and within the target timelines.

Client focused fit-for-purpose philosophy

Every project has its own unique set of targets. We listen to our clients to understand the level of development needed at the time, in terms of quality, cost, and timelines. The optimization path and milestones along the way are then apparent and the scope of work required is clear.


Scale-up work is undertaken to ensure that what we are making can be delivered in larger quantities if required. Scale dependence is classic subject in chemical development and one that we deeply appreciate the importance of understanding. The goal is not to completely remove any scaled dependent variables, but rather understand and control them.

The usually suspects of likely scale dependent factors are probed and the magnitude impact predicted in order to assess a processes ability to be scaled into general purpose production facility, and highlight if any changes are required to either the process or the plant.