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Analytical Methods Development
Analytical Methods Development

Analytical Methods Development

Our capability for developing analytical methods is a strength which we are proud to promote.

Good test methods and analytical equipment are an essential part of developing good processes. Working closely with the synthetic chemists, and clients, our dedicated analytical methods development team delivers excellent fit-for-purpose testing solutions, including validated methods and reference standards.

Sometimes clients already have the target test methods already defined, and we are happy to align with that and demonstrate equivalence in our own testing labs.


As a collective team of process developers, when impurities of interest are apparent, our analysts work closely with the chemists to identify those impurities and produce samples of reference standards of impurities when needed.

Testing Capabilities

We operate modern testing equipment that meet the needs of most testing challenges. With separate dedicated equipment for development and QC release testing.

•HPLC with DAD, VWD, ELSD, CAD and MS detectors

•GC/HS-GC, including chiral GC columns

•H-NMR, Optical Rotation and Melting Point

•Muffle Furnace for ROI/Sulfated Ash test

•Potentiometric Auto Titration

•Karl Fischer water content titration

•Loss on Drying