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Route Scouting
Route Scouting

Route Scouting

Developing ideal routes is of paramount importance, as every route has a unique impact of processing properties, impurity profiles and cost. Our experienced chemists work together to analyze options and systematically deliver competitive routes. Systematic Scouting and Route Selection Process The process of route selection typically beings with a round of brainstorming to reveal both the precedent and novel ideas.
The best ideas are then trialed in the lab in parallel, and the route with best performance is taken further, while the work on inferior approaches is stopped. By staying broad early on, it maintains conditions for serendipity, then once the best way forwards is apparent, the research switches into a focused optimization effort to bring the chosen route to fruition. Benefits of an ideal route
An ideal route will be truly competitive and provide a durable advantage I terms of cost and efficiency. Some examples of ideal route drivers include…
• Utilization of low cost, widely available starting materials
• Amenable to intensification, leading to high throughput process and minimal waste.
• Avoids handling of hazardous materials
• Includes purging points along the route.