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Continuous Processes
  • Continuous Processes
    Continuous Processes
    The benefits of continuous processing arise from the increased surface areas and higher thermal and mass transfer rates compared to traditional stirred tank reactors. In addition, reactions carried out in flow equipment, are often tuned to be fast, with short residence times. This can also potentially offer improved impurity profiles or reduced hazards over the equivalent batch processes.
    We have the option of continuous reaction processing in our development and manufacturing tool box. And have successfully demonstrated advantages for range of chemistries, including hydrogenation and nitration. With benefits of reduced catalyst loadings, reduced waste, increased yields and improved impurity profiles.
    • Corning G1 Advanced Flow Reactor Platform
    • Tough SiC and Glass reactor plates
    • Multi zone temperature heat exchange
    • Gas flow control system
    • Slurry pumps for catalyst suspension
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