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Raffles' GMP Factory Groundbreaking Ceremony & Strategy Signing Ceremony Successfully Ended

On the morning of November 18, 2019, the foundation ceremony and strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Guangdong Raffles PharmaTech Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Raffles ") came to a successful end with the roar of the excavator and the colorful ribbon from the saluting gun.

The foundation of Daya Bay GMP plant is an important milestone in the development history of Raffles. Along the way, Raffles is inseparable from the long-term attention and support of government leaders, customers, partners, investors and suppliers. Today is a great day for Raffles. They all attended to witness the historic moment of Raffles. The main guests are: Ye Yuejian, former chairman of Huizhou CPPCC, Huang YuXun, director of Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau, Liang Hao, deputy director of Dayawan District  Management Committee, Liu Yun, chairman of Huizhou Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Huang Huiqiu ,deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Huizhou Jiuhui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhu Shaoxuan, President of Guangdong Biomedical  Innovation Technology Association, and etc.

In the speech, Raffles’CEO  Dr. Ye Weiping, on behalf of the company, expressed sincere thanks to the leaders, investors, customers, suppliers and partners who came to the ceremony. Then he introduced the company's development history, plant planning and future prospects of Raffles since its establishment in Daya Bay Science and Technology Innovation Park in early 2011.

Next, Zhu Shaoxuan, President of Guangdong Biomedical Innovation Technology Association, Zhang Weiguang, chairman of Guangdong Pharmaceutical chirality Committee, Jiang Peng, Secretary General of Huizhou Pharmaceutical Association, Wang Jianhua, deputy general manager and chief operating officer of Guangzhou Boji Medical Biotechnological co., Ltd, and Zhang Yingjie, partner of Shenzhen Winning Venture Capital, delivered speeches respectively. The guests warmly congratulated Raffles on the foundation of Daya Bay GMP factory and sincerely wished Raffles pharmaceutical the future development.

In the strategic signing ceremony, Raffles and key customers, Boji, Link Health, ZoRun Pharma and Henovcom completed the strategic signing; and with the investment community, Winning, Ruihe Capital, Huaqian Capital and Publics Venture Capital completed the strategic signing. Raffles will continue to uphold the concept of customers first, provide high-quality pharmaceutical products and R & D services to new and old customers in a timely manner, and bring stable and considerable returns to investors.

After the wonderful lion dance, ten guests and representatives laid the foundation stone for Raffles’ Daya Bay GMP factory and jointly opened a new and beautiful picture for the development of Raffles. Twenty guests posed for a group photo in the roar of the saluting gun and the excavator. 

At the end of the foundation ceremony, all staff of Raffles took a group photo. They will work together hand in hand to push Raffles into a new development journey.