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Dr Andrew Phillis, VP of Raffles, with international business development team at CPhI North America

Between May 19th and 25th of 2022, Andrew Phillis (VP of Global Business Development) and Molly Gleizes (Director of US West Business Development) attended the large-scale CPhI North America 2022 event held at Pennsylvania Convention Center in the United States. This CPhI event attracted a series of the most important and extensive representatives from the global pharmaceutical field to attend the exhibition.

With the rapid development of large-scale pharmaceutical industry in Asia, South America, Europe and other regions, this event invited more than 50,000 powerful and respected pharmaceutical enterprises from all aspects of the supply chain. CPhI is the link for them to learn, grow and develop business. 

With 30 years of traditionally and carefully adjusted in Structural frame, CPhI unites buyers, sellers and industry pioneers to provide a better communication platform. This iconic global event combined and expanded into the most progressive large market all over the world. Dr. Andrew introduced the advantages of Raffles to peers in the industry. This also means that the business layout of Raffles Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is more global,meanwhile, its international competitiveness is enhanced.

About Raffles

About CPHI North America

CPhI North America is a prestigious global exhibition for the American pharmaceutical industry. As the largest and most influential CPhI brand exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials - CPhI North America is the only pharmaceutical event in America covering the end-to-end supply chain, from CRO, clinical trials, manufacturing, packaging, to finished products. North America is the hub of most pharmaceutical product transactions in the world, leading the direction of industries. This exhibition will gather numerous leading industrial companies, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as R&D institutions.

No matter the scale, level and specialization of the exhibition, it can be regarded as a leader in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry in the United States and all over the world.

The Activity Of CPhI Exhibition