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Pharnex’s Year-end Festival (Shenzhen Station) Held Smoothly

On the afternoon of January 20, 2019, the year-end festival of PHARNEX, co-sponsored by PHARNEX, Southern University of Science and Technology and Guangdong Raffles Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully held in RAMADA Hotel, Longhua District, Shenzhen. About 90 guests from the Pharmaceutical industry including HEC Pharm, Hybio Pharmaceutical, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. (in alphabetical order) and Shenzhen medical investment communities including Shenzhen Capital Group and Winning Ventures attended the ceremony.

Mr. Wang Bo, General Manager of PHARNEX, gave an opening speech, introducing the achievements and future plans of Pharmaceutical Finance Circle as a platform for resource integration of domestic enterprises.

Dr. Ye Weiping, CEO of Guangdong Raffles Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech on "Integration of Green Pharmaceutical Technology Systems to Promote New Drug Research and Development", analyzed the characteristics of new drug research and development, and introduced the necessity and key path to realize green chemistry.


Zhang Yingjie, general manager of Winning Ventures, made a theme of "eternal demand and evolutionary supply". From concrete to abstract, from special to general, we analyzed the development trend of pharmaceutical industry from the perspective of investors.

Professor Zhang Xumu, Vice Dean of Science, Southern University of Science and Technology, delivered a keynote speech on "Green Drug Synthesis". Professor Zhang introduced the development status of chemical pharmaceutical industry in China and pointed out that green synthetic technology of drugs is the general trend. The speech was humorous and lively, and the audience nodded frequently.